Can India take their revenge on Australia or will Australia pick up from where they left off last time?

From 12th of January the battle of the battles will begin, when India and Australia will come face to face again on the cricket ground, since the Indians lost against the mighty Aussies in the semi-finals of the World Cup. This time India would like to show the Aussies the actual strength of their team, and the Australians would like to continue their majestic form against the Indians. So here are my thoughts on the India tour of Australia for 5 ODIs and 3T20s from the 12th of January till the 31st of January.

In this series the Indians have a point to prove, after their loss against the Aussies in the 2014 Border-Gavaskar Trophy 0–2, then loosing to Australia and England in the 2015 Tri-Series, and finally getting defeated in the World Cup semi-final against eventual champions- Australia. Whereas Australia just have to be able to continue their magnificent form against the Indians to beat them once again and would like to remind everyone once again that they are the World Champions.

We will see a lot of hard-hitting, bouncers and sledging as well in this series. Yes, a lot of sledging. Sledging is a big part of Australian cricket, they love to sledge every player they can get a hand on, whether he is a new-comer(e.g.Mitchell Slanter of New Zealand made his debut against Australia and as he came out to bat, the Aussies started to sledge him) or the most senior player of the opposition team(e.g.Sachin Tendulkar from India was sledged by the then youngster Micheal Clarke when he came out to bat). This will be a challenge for the Indian debutants to not get carried away or distracted by the Aussie sledging. But still the other experienced players in the Indian team such as MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane or Rohit Sharma make the best performance come out of them when they are sledged.

So with a lot of sledging, bouncers, hard-hitting this much is clear that this series is going to be a very interesting and anxious series as both the teams are extremely good in the shorter format and keeping in mind that it’s a series where both the teams have to remind each other something about themselves. So, my luck to both teams and may the better team win both the series( even though I want India to win).

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