Was yesterday the last time we saw MS Dhoni playing in ODIs?

Yes, we won the match yesterday, Yes MS Dhoni’s knock was a crucial one from India’s point of view and Yes that six from MS Dhoni on the first ball of the last over was the shot that shifted the game’s momentum into India’s favour, but after how long did we see it happen and for how long can it continue? These are questions that we need to find the answers to ASAP.

We all know that MS Dhoni is currently going through his worst phase as a batsman and more importantly a captain. MS Dhoni is the best captain India has produced and he has assured to make us proud by achieving every single height possible in world Cricket, which includes making India the no.1 test team or making us the 1st T20 champions or winning every ICC trophy we could. But the big question now is- Where has that MS Dhoni gone? That MS Dhoni who was the best and most dangerous finisher in the world. That MS Dhoni who could even outplay Ricky Ponting in terms of captaincy. That MS Dhoni who would put together the best playing XI ever because of which we won each and every match. And of course that MS Dhoni who carried a billion dreams and made their dreams turn into reality. Where is he? The whole nation wants that MS Dhoni back.

We just lost a series against Australia 4–1. And our only positive in this series was the batting- with Rohit and Virat getting 2 centuries each and Shikhar and Manish getting one century each to their names. But Dhoni what about him? Except the last match (where also he powered up in his last few balls) he did not play up to his standards in any of the matches. Especially in the 4th ODI when India needed him the most after Rahane injured himself to build up a partnership with Virat to see his team through the winning line but instead he got out on a duck ( and a few balls later even Virat got out) and when he had come in to bat India needed just a little more than run-a-ball.

Okay, now let’s forget about his batting and talk about his captaincy a bit. You all probably already know that in 2015 India saw 3 captains-MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane(he was captain for Zimbabwe series). And India won the only series other Rahane and 2 series under Kohli, but no series win for India under Dhoni, when we were expected to win against Bangladesh and against South Africa at home. But we didn’t. And this year also did not start on a vey good note. So another question the nation is asking- Has Dhoni lost the touch of captaincy that he had or is this just happening because of the inexperienced team he has?

But these are just small and not that important questions. The biggest and most important question is that- Have we already seen the last of MS Dhoni in ODIs? Was yesterday the last time we saw our greatest and best captain, captaining and playing for the Indian One-Day International side?

We can’t do anything and just wait for Dhoni to answer these questions.!

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