Your Knowledge is Bullshit

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy the other day and in the preview clip before the start of the recent two parter, one aspect of it jumped out at me. Penny a newer character on the show saw Tucker doing a surgery when he’s only an intern. She states that she “knows” that it’s because he’s the husband of the current chief, Miranda Bailey. This was untrue and what this post is all about.

Knowledge is Power as they say; how much time do we take to know what we know is “true”. The world is filled with idioms and wisdom that jumping the gun before actually knowing if what you believe to be true is actually true. My favorite being “assuming makes an ass out of you and me”. Yet we all, myself included make this mistake time and time again

Have you ever tried interacting with somebody who “knows” I mean “KNOWS” what they believe is true. I’m not just talking about the easy culprits of religions; people who take any opinion, belief or value and go head first into the deep end fit this mold too. If you’re like me you just want to call them out on their bullshit and sometimes I do. It can be harder sometimes because of people’s personal feelings and pedigree add to other people feeling their thoughts are valid and fuck what you know.

The highest point of aggravation for me when it comes to dealing with people who’ve reached a conclusion based on their “knowledge” is when they make accusations based on it. The other day my friend’s email got hacked. It was one of those hackers that could spoof your account and make it look like they were sending emails from another emailer. My friend is pretty technically ignorant; when she saw this, she immediately accused me of hacking her account. I wasn’t even disappointed about the interaction. I simply told her that I didn’t have the ability to do that and that she should change her password. Few days later she demands that I stop it. Woah, I thought we already established that it wasn’t my fault. Added to the matter I couldn’t understand why she didn’t change her password like I had mentioned earlier. I guess she thought I was lying from earlier, which is understandable. Though I’m still left perplexed as to why I would give you the solution to your problem since it wouldn’t give me access to your email anymore. I had to go outside of myself and tell her “IT’S NOT ME AND CHANGE YOUR FUCKING PASSWORD”. A few days later she emails me saying “see, I even got my poor brother too.” YOUR POOR BROTHER, YOUR POOR FUCKING BROTHER? Maybe if you took two fucking seconds before flying off the chain making your wild mass accusations for something you’re completely ignorant to then maybe we wouldn’t have to have this conversation!

When you have people being shot by cops, maintaining idiocy as virtue and changing paradigms based on pedigree working this angle as the status quo, it’s infuriating. I don’t know what we should do here. All I know is that your “knowledge” is bullshit.

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