Sew-in is the Best Way to Wear Malaysian Hair Weave

Stop amazing at how women change their haircuts and try finding a way to change your hairstyle. If you aren’t satisfied with hairstyle or you want to improve your haircut then you should look for ways to improve your hairstyle.

How about wearing a Malaysian hair weave to give your haircut a new look and feel? An extension would change your haircut from better to best. You can hide your dull and lifeless hair and showcase the beautiful and lively extension. It is possible and you can do it in 10 minutes. You need only 10 minutes to change your haircut.

Change your hairstyle in 10 minutes

Choose an extension that you can wear in a hassle free manner. Sew-in is the only extension that you can wear without any help and the best part of this accessory is that it is more permanent than others. As the name suggests, the extension would be sewed-in on your hairs but first of all you have to make a platform for sewing-in the extension.

Wash your hairs and braid the locks. In this way, you will make a platform for sewing-in the extension. When the platform is ready, you can sew-in the extension as shown in the product packing. It might take you more than 10 minutes in first few attempts but after few failed attempts, you will learn how to sew-in Malaysian hair weave on braided locks.

Why choose Malaysian?

If you are looking for smooth, silky and shiny hairs then choose Malaysian. You will find light color hairs with good texture and strength in Malaysian locks. The locks are sourced from donors and they are 100% original. They have life and they look natural. You can find extensions matching with your original locks.

Biggest advantage of Malaysian hair weave is that it doesn’t need specific maintenance. You can keep wearing the sew-in extension for long time and when you need, you can put off the extension and wash and pamper your original locks. Putting on and off the extension won’t take you more than 10 minutes.

Luxury of sew-in extension

It isn’t permanent but it can last longer than clip-in extensions. Unlike clip in extension, you don’t have to worry about sew-in accessory as it sits perfectly on well braided locks. On the contrary, clip-in extension puts unnecessary pressure on the hair strands it is clipped on. Ideally you can’t keep an extension clipped to your hairs for long time.