Talk about gender and pronouns

A person I know transitioned on the job in an American company. The company was known for its inclusiveness and everybody got the memo. There were no microaggressions with slipped pronouns, but wouldn’t you know, she was never referred to by any pronoun. whatsoever. It was always by her first name. She explained how the team who construct sentences, sometimes to the point of absurdity to keep from saying “she.”

After a few years she moved across the country to a competitor. Immediately she was referred to by the female pronoun. At company parties, men now asked her to dance, something no one did at the other company which had similar company parties. Men even flirted with her, low-key of course as it was a work environment. The women in the company invited her out. They would confess personal things about their love lives.

The pronoun was the tip of an iceberg, 90%+ which was below the water.

She told me that she thrived in the new environment where she was a “she.”