Virginia Hall
May 10, 2017 · 2 min read

A Transgirl Speaks About Foreskin

Speaking as a trans girl.

In my elementary school I was the one “boy” who was not circumcised. It made me feel like an outside (and no that’s not why I was trans. That realization happen when I was about two years old). As I grew older I noticed ancient statues of unclothed men of Greece and Rome revealing a penis that looked like the one I had to deal with, so at least I was not totally odd.

The pediatrician was always reminding me, make sure you pull back the foreskin when you wash.

My surgeon for my vaginoplasty had it available and I did not require a skin graft. Every bit helps and estrogen shrinks stuff and so I was hearing how I was to pull and stretch prior to surgery, and yet some clinics say any penis pleasure disqualifies a trans girl because she’s not “real.” Can’t win for losing.

After the surgery I started dating men and it was an education seeing men “ready to go,” some with and some without foreskin. Some natal females have never encountered a man with foreskin and they think it is weird (and icky) to have such a thing. Go figure. Yes. Girls talk and compare notes.

In an era where transition is more accepted and children are getting puberty blocks in middle school, hormone replacement in high school, and going on to get reassignment surgery at 18, foreskin preservation if only for this purpose should be kept in mind. In other words, the “sex” on the birth certificate is usually the gonadal sex and not the mental sex which only reveals itself later. Thus, keeping foreskin keeps helps trans girls who benefit from that particular piece of skin.

As for men, I found the article interesting and never had considered the positives that men might experience.

Virginia Hall

Virginia Hall is an early onset survivor of GD who writes about transgender and transsexual topics.

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