I appreciate the well thought out article you have written but do feel that as a white male I find…
Michael Craig

Hello Michael Craig,

A woman I know was heading for the subway one night and a man in the proverbial trench coat opened his coat and exposed himself. “Whatdda ya think of this?” She looked and said, “Looks like a penis, only smaller.” He turned and ran. True story as far as I know.

Just about every adult woman has been groped at one time or another. Our new President is on record speaking to the glories of that and he barges into the dressing room of underage women getting ready for a beauty pageant. And we’re worried about rest rooms?

The “bathroom” debate is mostly argued by straight white men. Let me tell you that at times women will talk to one another about bad experiences with guys dressed as men who have good manners and are charming right up to the moment they cross (sometime violently) the line and go to groping and more.

Take Back the Night is about sexual assault by men in men’s clothes.

Movements from my genderation like Take Back the Night tried to raise awareness. Men need to examine their own sexual aggressions against women and not sublimate it into their daughter encountering a man in a dress.

If we want to have a discussion of violence against women, then let’s have that discussion and not pretend male sexual aggression can be solved with bathroom bills.