I know the feeling.
Siobhan O'leary

The Road Less Traveled — Living 24/7/365 As a Crossdresser

(Above) According to a published account this individual identifies as a crossdresser, and maybe there is a better term for folks who follow this path. She looks pretty good to me and I detect no kink — just a woman.

Having lived in the “community” I have encountered people who self-identify as crossdressers and I had hoped in my teens that that was all it was and I could get out of the disruption of transitioning unscathered. That was not the case. In my twenties, “Kansas just went bye-bye.”

I did notice that many crossdressers were pilloried and shamed to no end and over time I took to calling others on their shit when they made unwarranted attacks on this group in general.

However, also over time, as I was asked to be on panels at various trans events — representing the transsexual point of view — there were those folks who crossdressed every now and then and then there were persons who also self-labeled themselves as crossdressers who did it 24/7/365 and who had mapped out women’s lives for themselves. There the kink factor was all but absent and they wore tasteful outfits, makeup, and were well turned out.

Had modern SRS not existed, or if there was a medical contraindication for the surgery, or had I liked a century ago I realized, “That would be me.” They are embracing this life without “forcing.”

This is a whole subject area that does not get discussed as many crossdressers do not want to hear from transsexuals nor are their opinions welcome.

Still . . .