If they don’t want to film perverts playing at getting “married”, then they shouldn’t be compelled…
Bill Tompkins

Hello Bill, The United States Supreme court found in favor of marriage equality, hence by law same sex couples who marry are validly married people with full faith and credit protected by the Constitution, and not married in scare quotes as if it was some Pickwickian use of the word.

People are allowed to marry people of their choice under this Court finding. it is not for others to discriminate against the parties for picking a partner not popular with the person refusing to grant service.

Heck! Didn’t we go through all this with the 1964 Civil Rights Act? Weren’t there people who wanted to discriminate against blacks who said t was for a religious reason? Those choosing to discriminate went to the Supreme Court and and even cited the 13th Amendment saying that the law created a condition of involuntary servitude because in the case with which I am familiar, a white had to hand a hamburger and Coke to a mixed racial couple.

Such religious arguments and feelings of oppression by a minority were tossed out.

If you are old enough, you know we’ve been here many times before. The argument is always the same — it’s just the target group that changes.

The law stands. To refuse service is not merely pounding sand and putting the person who won’t serve another human being on the wrong side of history.

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