Your family were monsters – are they still?
Stephanie Longden

Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for the kind words. At times even I feel I am wearing my heart on my sleeve, yet it is for a deeper reason that I am describing my own pain.

It is my purpose in life as my hair grows gray to get two points across. To bear witness if you will.

— — — — — — —

#1 Some kids are trans, like it or not. And they know it at a young age. Someone needs to speak out to challenge some rather young and inexperienced parents about a view that children can never know what they themselves are. We can.
#2 Early treatment of trans kids is imperative, and ignoring it is the real child abuse. Treatment delayed is treatment denied. Once puberty begins, it leads to permanent and irreversible disfigurement. Delaying puberty to buy time is vital.

— — — — — — — —

It is up to early onset survivors of two generations ago, like me, who are old enough to be a parent of the parents of today’s trans kids to talk sense into the parents’ heads. A “grandparent” needs to speak out and hope the parents stop and think and look at what they are forcing their child into.

Who will speak out for the child who cannot yet articulate what is happening? Someone needs to. We can leave it to others, but at one point you realize there is no one else who expressed trans-ness as a toddler (in the late 1940s) was a relatively young transitioner (started as a college junior) and did fully transitioned a relatively long time ago (early 1970s). I remember Luke Skywalker who’s alone after the squadron’s been more or less wiped out. And over the radio he hears, “Get set to make your attack run.” There’s no one else who who can step in at that point.

I’m no hero and I’m not taking on any Death Star, but sometimes you realize you have to stand up and be counted, even if it is to witness because you may indeed be the “last” survivor who has the stripes to speak up.

If I can help turn the hearts of even one set of custodial parents who are wavering and send them looking for real help and thus save even one child from the horror of being raised in the wrong gender, it will all have been worth it.