I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

This Is the Trans Enemy?

I agree with much of what you say and have upvoted your article, while at the same time there are many strawman elements to your argument Mostly they focus on a visible minority of late transitioners and people who behave badly. Thus I suggest you might be over-generalizing and stereotyping.

Is this girl the face of the enemy? 17 year-old “Ella.”

Not all trans people are sixty+ year-old former Olympians. I will attach two pieces of data. The first is a photo of trans people.

Surely you are not going to conflate these trns kids with the images you paint of horrid men invading women’s spaces.

You speak of the human body. I attach an article about the brains of trans people. It’s an overview of peer-reviewed medical and clinical studies that suggest trans people are born with physical structures in their brains the are similar to the “opposite” sex. This is from the January, 2016 Scientific American.

I am trans lesbian for over 40 years (post-op) and have been pretty a dyke, except for a few years when I was married to a cishet male, so technically that makes me bi, but it does not make me an invader of women’s space.

I have been moving in female spaces for decades and only bring this up to say I have witnessed the “invasion” as you call it from the inside, but the to paint all trans people with the excesses of a few. I have seen my share of bad behavior, but a lot of that is also from cis het men.

When society starts treating early onset gender dysphoria, about 90% of the arguments presented against trans people fail. Children socialized in the correct gender roles for them likely will move through female society without making so much as a ripple.

And as for people who are men and had the misfortune of being born with ovaries, aka trans men, are you truly going to welcome them into your inner circles where we trans women have been moving for decades?

I believe there should be a discussion as you suggest, but let’s not take a set about a group you know little about and fight windmills.

I am prepared to exchange views civilly if you are.