The process of transition has been about learning who that person is.
Weird (not passing as normal) — a morning rant
Na.tasha Tr.oop

I keep hearing the proverb from India, was it? It takes a village to raise a girl. The process is a journey and not a destination and many preconception I had have evaporate. When a girl is raised as a boy, in an odd sort of sense of it, she is raised “lesbian.” That’s what I thought I was. That’s what I thought I’d always be, but half way from transition to the present day, suddenly I developed a strong attraction to men. Like out of the clear blue — actually it is more complicated — guys took on a whole different place in my thoughts.

Talk about a learning process! Hating my own wrongness, I had not the slightest interest in men’s bodies. They were an ugly reminder.

GCS introduces an entirely new perspective and stupid as it sounds, form follows function, or is it the other way around? Early in transition I would have gasped at how much I would change over time. I do not have a sense of “hiding.” That happen pre-transition. That was the “hiding” if it can be called that. Passing? What’s not to like about that? All my childhood daydreams were that one day I would enter womanhood and be taken as such. The holy grail in my case.