I knew I had a non-binary gender identity in Kindergarten.
Kyle Graden

I read your account. Great story and personal which made it compelling.

The latest medical research suggests that gender is not determined by chromosomes, otherwise trans people would not exist. There are some who say trans people are delusional and it’s “all in your head.” I agree, but not in the way they mean because trans brains seem to be structurally more like the brains of the “opposite” gender.

I was about your age when I was faced with the restroom issue in school so I identify a lot with what you felt. On the other had I was so alienated from the boys and their behavior that I could not in any way identify with them and so our stories at least parallel.

In my case I was so turned off by how boys behaved that I pretty much wanted nothing to do with them, though through my family there were other kids who exposed me to boys at least as plutonic friends. If I am not being too nosey, I would like to ask how you could be attracted to boys at all? I am asking because our mutual stories veer here. Boys were thrilling in a certain way, but only those boys who were “nice.” But they were also mean and frankly dumb. Their attitudes toward females was atrocious. I later learned this was a public stance, but in private it was different, but it would be years later, after gender confirmation surgery, GCS, that I saw this side of them. My puberty was a moment of horror as I watch how it disfigured my body. I hated every part of that change but there was nothing I could do. I suspect that your changes did not bother you as deeply or at all and that you came to an accommodation with some early feelings and the physical reality.