Coming Out as Trans, Cold Draft
🏍 Molly Bell🎸

In my view living authentically is the most liberating thing a person can do.

In my experience some people will say it is the “last” thing they expected. On the other hand I have had people say they couldn’t quite put there finger on what it was about me, and then I told them I was transitioning, and in a flash they connected all the dots. “Of course!” they said, “How could I have missed it. So obvious.”

For the first few months I tolerated the few slips people made, but then after the grace period I would not tolerate “slips” which is “micro-aggression” spelled backwards.

It has been 40 years since I transitioned and never for one moment, let alone for a day, have I ever regretted being my authentic self.

Welcome to the world of womanhood, at least where you can be open about the truth you likely have known for a very long time.

I did not know how heavy a load I carried until I set it down.