These panoramic photos of Roaring ‘20s beach beauties are retro summer chic
Rian Dundon

How Much We Changed And So Fast

My father was old enough to date women who were the age of the gals in these pictures. Because of the upheaval of WW2 he started his family later than most. It his hard to imagine that “dad” was someone who could remember the era when “hot” girls looked like this.

I have him photos of him in his army uniform — he was in the horse cavalry complete with saber and pistols and jodhpurs and his favorite horse, Freska.

Polish Cavalry in the 1920s

How far and fast society has come that this looks so quaint and out of step with people today. It helps me grasp how trans-ness must have been completely incomprehensible to a man who was born when Teddy Roosevelt was President and the Wright Brothers were at Kittyhawk.