Excluding trans from the definition of “man” or “woman” is not anti-reality — it’s reality.
Patrick Trombly

Pretty point about growing taller. In the longform birth certificate the infant's height is recorded. Is this height forever?

A child given up for adoption may have two chromosomal parents, but the name of the adoptive parents goes on the birth certificate. No one is arguing the child is not a son or daughter — or isn’t “really” until the adopted child’s chromosomes are switched to match the adoptive parents chromosomes, otherwise everyone is “delusional.”

But we get it. Some people just don’t like the idea that gonadal sex isn’t the ultimate arbiter of gender. Folks seem to want to argue the science of gonads. However, with modern medical scanning methods and clinical studies in leading medical colleges, it is coming out that gender identity is biological and it’s seat in the hypothalamus of the brain. In 99.99% of the cases the gender identity and chromosomes that determine gonadal sex go in the same direction. But in a small number of cases, during the first trimester, the identity goes one way while the chromosomes go the other and transsexual result.

To use the biological essentialism of the above argument, unless and until the hypothalamus can be rejiggered, the person “biologically” is the sex of the brain and not of the gonads and it is a fool’s errand to try to force a gender incompatible with the brain.

It is not the fantasy of the trans person, but the fantasy of the caregivers who believe the gonald theory of gender. Gender is between the ears and not between the legs and thus when push comes to shove the brain determines gender identity and thus those “things” have to go.