Women in the Boys’ Club

Sexism runs deep in our society. As for your friends age, I am older than she, so let’s not blame it all on age.

Second wave feminists are in their 70s and 80s and they are just fine with a female president, or even a male one “if he’s qualified.” Those who are my age will get that last quote and see it as the ironic joke it was meant to be.

And the new President? He does not have time for security briefings but does have the time to get into it with Meryl Streep on twitter. I am worried the guy is going to show up for work.

And it doesn’t matter what the older generation thinks. Some are too infirm to get out of their wheelchairs and climb the barricades. I have faith in the younger generation who will take us to the next level.

The first woman president of the United States has already been born and she’s no infant. When Donald fails to deliver all the jobs and fails to return the United States back to the racist, segregated, sexist, homophobic country it was back when Donald was born, the nation will be ready for new answers and not slogans and Barnum and Bailey campaigning.

I am told the two Chinese characters that form the word“crisis,” when reversed, read “opportunity riding the wind.” And depending if Donald can wrap his head around the awesome responsibility he has taken on, he may well step aside and realize he is riding the tiger and maybe sooner than later, he’ll jump off and find something more fun to do.

I see Donald as a frat guy who wants to win a bet with his buddies— can you be elected President? He won his bet and now the hijinks are over and now it’s time to get on with the work before us.

Or as the ancient Greek curse goes: may the gods give you everything you ask for. To bad the nation will be along for the ride as the curse plays out.