In the boys-only market of early video games, Amy Briggs built the first one for girls
Stephanie Buck

Girl Game Growth

The big shift happened when Electronic Arts (EA) in the early 1990s went on a buying spree and began to gobble up the small shops such as SSI and Origin.

I remember talking to one of the key executives after the meeting broke up and suggested that there be some greater variety of pilot in their highly successful 1990 new release, Wing Commander. If looks could kill, I would not be writing this now.

As it was in a little over a year, EA management at the time leaned on all the acquired subsidiaries and said in effect: You will have women in the game. You will include females.

I won’t get into MicroProse Rex Nebula where our main character, Rex, has a sex change and starts thing about not changing back.

Will Rex like the sex change?

Anyway, this was real money. Big money and EA management prevailed.