Terrible Early Reviews of Ten 20th-Century Classics
Erica Verrillo

This is a wonderful article/post. It puts me in mind of an article showing a series of rejection letters sent to some other world-class writers of the 20th century, some of which were scathing. Per chance were you the writer who gathered those?

My own editor said after I got a really odd-ball mixed review by one person of one of my novels, “Pay no more attention to praise than to disapproval.” True, negative reviews can hurt prospects and turn readers away, but the writing stands on its own.

Still, you put your heart into your own writing. No one cries as hard as the author at the sad part and no one feels as elated at the triumphs. You want to move, and inform, and mostly entertain the reader and if we have “failed” in that, can we not help but feel disappointed.