Time To Redistribute the Wealth

America’s Wealthy Have Failed Americans. Time To Rethink “Job Creators.”

We used to make something here back before we got lost in the paperwork . . . 2,000 men a shift, three shifts a day — 6,000 men earning an honest wage . . . fed their kids, bought homes, made enough to send their kids to college, buy a second car; building something they could see — not just figures on a balance sheet, but a ship they could see, smell and touch. Those men knew their worth.

As a Baby Boomer I think it is time for my generation to stand up and speak out in behalf of the young people in this nation — the Gen X, the Gen Y, and the Millennials and yes, even for ourselves. How are the younger people getting by without the jobs and infrastructure we Baby Boomers took for granted. Summer jobs. A position in a stateside company or trade that was there for the long haul.

Somewhere along the way, America lost its way and sold out the middle class and their kids.

The idea of enriching the rich does not enrich anyone but the rich.

Under the theory of trickle-down economics, all yachts rise. Give the wealthy even more money and even more jobs will be created by job creators.

But where are these jobs? Since the 1980s the wealthy have grown wealthier and the poor have grown poorer and I worry for the generations that came along after — our kids and grandkids — who have had America’s promise wrested away from them in some Pied Piper’s story about a golden land down some long road.

The long road has led us to this place and people are hurting and hungry and in need of care.

Trump’s Promises Are a Sham.

And now another round of feeding the rich with our money and in a turn of bizarro logic we hear how the tax payers need relief and that means cutting benefits to the American people as Trump’s new budget proposes. It’s time to say the Emperor’s New Tax Policy is as naked as the Emperor — devoid of coverage.

The job creators have had two, maybe three, decades to deliver and they have failed. Their philosophy is bankrupt. Their theory does not deliver. “Ignore that man behind the curtain.”

Take Back Our Taxes.

It is time we stop funneling our taxes to the richest people; stop giving them tax breaks; stop lowering their burdens. Tell them “The free ride is over.” It has proven a fool’s errand to give them our money, because they can’t be trusted with it. It is time to take some money from the job creators and give it to the job doers. Tip O’Neill and Reagan hatched up a “fair” tax system and the result has disadvantaged the middle as we watch our economic progress not trickle down, but tickle elsewhere.

It is time to put some burden on the wealthy. No — not to strip them of their money, but to pay more into the system that allows them their princely lives at the expense of Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials. How in hell do our young people, our hope for the future, make ends meet in virtual jobs and as temporary contractors without job security, pensions, or benefits? How are they accumulating enough wealth that we Baby Boomers took for granted along with stability.

The ‘job creators” have failed over and over and Trump promised this would end with his Presidency, but it looks like more of the same lies and the same false economic theories as all the while Congress fiddles while the Middle Class burns.

We are sick and tired of sacrificing so the rich can get bigger and better corporate homes, and jets, and steaks.

Unless and until the voters realize that we need to level this playing field, will be down in the bottom, looking up.