Siobhan — then you agree that cis women have a right to their own spaces, that trans women have…
Eavan Moore

Trans Girls Don’t Have “Male” Privilege

Hello Eavan,

Why would anyone agree to that? Privilege of being brought up boys? What nonsense. I’m sorry. It is hell on earth in this lifetime to be brought up as the wrong gender. At best we are raised as tomboys. We are raised lesbian. Maybe that is a privilege in your book.

Today kids are being brought up in their gender of affirmation and since boys and girls until puberty are pretty much identical and with dormant gonads.

The Maines (identical twins) one is cis and the other is trans

At Tanner 2 puberty this changes and trans kids go through hell as a disfiguring and irreversible puberty sets in. Fortunately in 2107 trans kids are getting what are called blockers which shut down puberty. In the case of trans girls they do not develop as boys and stay “children.” Blockers are administered around the time of middle school with counseling. The trans girls continue to be in the female social group.

(Above) A girl in the Dutch program who is on blockers on the left and is seen at 18 on the right and who did not have a male puberty of any kind.

If the child persists in their gender of affirmation, typically at 16 or 17 cross-sex hormones are administered and they are no longer “children” and go through a female puberty. At 18 the law allows the removal of the undeveloped male gonads.

The trans girls have never masculinized. Never had male puberty. Have only been in female social groups. And they have had no more male privilege than any other typical female.

The Maines twins as they enter college.

These children have not been “brought up as boys,” and while you are correct some have, it was no walk in the park when you brain does not align with the body. Irrespective of that, the idea these girls had male privilege does not square with their actual upbringing.