Indeed! We did a video on Earthships you might be interested in —…
Rian D.

Very nice! Very professional video! I lived in Taos but not on an Earthship, though in Santa Fe I did, except for electricity, so it did not qualify as one. All the rest of what was shown looked very familiar.

I will not say where it is exactly as we need to keep tourists and lookie-loos from bothering the locals, but there are some hippie homes and compounds out there in the Land of Enchantment.

And Buddhist community is very strong and there were various young nuns with shaved heads who would shop at Smith’s or be in the plaza. I miss it much.

One day a friend, also a woman of transition, and I were in the natural hot springs and it was 80 degrees out on the rocks and then we drove up toward Wheeler Peak and the ski area and within the hour we where it was snowing hard. It was magical.

She prayed for a miracle that she could get the funds for her SRS, and within the month they came from a totally unexpectedly source. You tell me that place isn’t magic.

Loved the video!