Recap | VirgoX CEO Adam Cai’s AMA at CryptoTalkz Community

Hello, Welcome to a special AMA session with VirgoX! Please welcome Adam from VirgoX.

Welcome here, Adam. Thanks for bringing us VirgoX❤️ Before we start our first session, can you introduce yourself to our community?

Segment 1 — Introduction

Q1. Can you briefly describe what VirgoX is? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

Q2. What are the main features that distinguish you from other exchanges, and what competitive advantages do you have?

Q3. Could you please provide details on the newly launched CEFI vault?

High APY looks so eye-catching. 🤩

Q4. VirgoX has its own platform token, $VXT. Can you please give us its use cases? How do holders benefit from holding it?

  1. VXT holder is entitled to have a 50% discount on all trading fees and use VXT to pay for trading fees
  2. VXT holder is entitled to have discounted borrowing rate
  3. VXT holder is entitled to have enhanced financial product yields
  4. VXT holder can use VXT to be staked to earn a number of airdrops for the new and mainstream tokens currently at APY ranging from 60% — 100%

Q5. Can you share with us some examples of your financial product?

  1. Flexible savings + term deposits
  2. Structured products that has minimum returns guaranteed but higher earning potential
  3. Duel earn product — that provides higher returns when you are in a position to purchase or sell coins like BTC, ETH. The mechanism similar to yields paid to placing your trading orders

Q6. Could you please provide some progress on your roadmap and what results have VirgoX has achieved so far? And any sneak-peek into 2021 plans for VirgoX?

  1. becoming the true bridge for the DEFI world
  2. bringing NFT to CEX and make a much more efficient trading space, i.e., less fragmented

Thanks for that well-detailed introduction about VirgoX. Here below are links for you to get the latest updates about VirgoX.

Second Segment — Twitter Questions

Q1. You call yourself “Stablecoin World Trade Center,” but is it really different from other exchanges in that you have more walls with more amounts of stablecoin? Or simply for supporting the new stablecoins since their inception?

Q2. Every project name is inspired by and has history on its name. In that case, what’s the story behind VirgoX? For a much stronger customer relationship, can you tell us more about the members of your Virgox team?

Q3. Decentralized Finance is, without a doubt, the fastest growing sector in the Cryptocurrency industry at the moment. But how will VirGoX solve the problem and issues inherited from DeFi itself?

Q4. Something that caught my attention immediately is that they handle my native language, Spanish. Apparently, they have bilingual platforms. Does this mean that these projects are also aimed at the Spanish-speaking community?

Q5. I read that Virgox works with impeccable security, so what steps does it take to ensure security? Why are 98% of assets stored in a cold wallet?

Thanks! And that’s for our Twitter question segment. I guess the community is excited to know more about VirgoX.

Last segment — Live Q&A

As a unique single token mining pool, is #VirgoX Vault supports #BSC and #HECO?

VirgoX claims that it is the center in terms of stablecoins, but do you support multiple networks of each Stablecoin?

How do I get the VirgoX application on a smartphone, and where can I see the $VXT token price? Is it already on Coingecko?

I saw that you have a Referral Program to get a revenue share from inviting friends, but can you tell us more about it? How can we exactly join this program, what are the terms and conditions of it? How many friends can we invite?

Does the #VirgoX platform use the profits to repurchase and burn $VXT?




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