If you’ve been kicking around on the Net for the past year or so, you’ve probably come across a thinkpiece or two about Mastodon, an open source social network that’s kind of like Twitter, kind of like Facebook, and kind of like… well, nobody’s really sure what else would fit there. It’s a bit of a wildcard. …

principle of definitional equivalence — noun phrase — Often shortened to the ≡ symbol. A polite way of saying “Because fuck you, that’s why.” See also judgemental equality, homotopy type theory.

I know this is kind of late, but I thought I’d put together a list of the podcasts I enjoyed listening to in 2018.ev, in the hope of introducing folks to the work of some really talented people:

Weird Things

Roleplaying Public Radio’s Actual Plays

The Neo-Anarchist Podcast, an in-character ongoing series set in the world of Shadowrun.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast. More about James Bond than you thought it was possible to know.

The Black Vault

The Secret Broadcast


Happy New Year, everyone.

If you’ve been following the development activity of Systembot, the bot I wrote to monitor my machines (physical as well as virtual) you’ve probably noticed that I changed a number of things around pretty suddenly. This is because the version of Systembot in question had some pretty incorrect assumptions about how things should work. For starters, I thought I was being clever when I wrote the temperature monitoring code when I decided to use what the drivers thought were high or critical values for sending “something is wrong” alerts. No math (aside from a Centigrade-to-Fahrenheit conversion), just a couple of…

I’ve updated my .plan file yet again. The usual warnings apply.

Q-hole — noun — A Nyquil hangover.

Here’s the situation: You’re using Ansible to configure a machine on your network, like a new Raspberry Pi. Ansible has done a bunch of things to the machine and needs to reboot it — for example, when you grow a Raspbian disk image so that it takes up the entire device, it has to be rebooted to notice the change. The question is, how do you reboot the machine, have Ansible pick up where it left off, and do it in one playbook only (instead of two or more)?

I spent the last couple of days searching for specifics and…

This took me a while to figure out, so here’s a fix for an annoying problem:

Let’s say that you have a media box running Kodi on your local area network. You have uPNP turned on so you can stream videos from your media box across your LAN. You want to use VLC to watch stuff across your LAN.

Problem: When you select your Kodi box in VLC and double-click on the server to open the directory of media to watch, VLC crashes with no error message (even in debug mode).

Explanation: VLC is configured to exit when the current playlist is over. This includes downloading a playlist across the network, and is really irritating.

Solution: In VLC, go to Tools -> Preferences -> Show Settings: All. Scroll down to Playlist. Un-check Play and Exit. Save.


The Doctor

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