INFOGRAPHIC: The Justice System on Virtue Poker

Becoming a Justice

The “Justice Pool” is comprised of a limited number of users that are active on the Virtue Poker network. In order to become a Justice, users must acquire VPP, stake tokens in the Justice Registry, and must have their machine on and their application open and set to “active” in order to be assigned to tables. The assignment rate of Justices to tables is based on an individual Justice’s stake divided over the total number of tokens locked in the Justice Registry. If a Justice is caught cheating, colluding, or misreporting hand results, that Justice’s stake is seized and is kicked out of the Justice Pool. Justice submissions will be reviewed prior to a Justice removing their stake (plus fees accrued) from the registry.

Justice Submissions Review Process

Initially, submissions by Justices to IPFS will be reviewed by a team of game security experts that will be consultants hired by Virtue Poker. The Virtue Poker team includes a game integrity and security expert who is assisting our developer team in building the Justice and setting up appropriate tracking software to detect red flags on the platform.

There are two ways for accusations of cheating to be submitted to our Game Security team. Players can submit a complaint or report suspicious activity, and these submissions will be reviewed and determined whether or not cheating has occurred. In addition, Virtue Poker will constantly run algorithms across the data submitted by Justices and all suspicious activity will be reviewed manually. If it is found that a player was cheating, a punishment will be levied and that player may be banned from the platform permanently.

Justice Fees

Fee’s generated on the Virtue Poker platform will be divided amongst the active Justice nodes on the Virtue Poker network. Games on Virtue Poker can be conducted in either VPP or ETH, therefore fees will be accrued by Justices in both VPP and ETH.

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