Various Australian Visa Types

Australia has become everyone’s dream country and everyone wants to visit or reside in this country. There are so many tourist spots in Australia which attract tourists and students. It is almost like an educational hub with most of the famous universities situated in Australia and also for people dreaming of getting high paid jobs and making great careers also Australia it is a great Country of opportunities. So due to these reasons most of the people love Australia. When a person dreams of anything there are lots of ways to fulfill their dreams.

There are a variety of visas available for Indians like to Visit, Work or Migrate to Australia. It depends on what the purpose is of the person who wants to apply for a visa.

Let us discuss the various kinds of visas available:

1. Employment Visa: This is basically for the skilled workers to want to make a career and wants to work in Australia. There’s a point based system which is conducted by skill select.

The points which are calculated are based on a variety of criteria’s like age, education, experience, skills, ability to adjust in a new environment and language proficiency. The most common employment visa is the 457 visa and this is accompanied by an offer which is made by an employer. However the aspirants for the visa can also use the Regional/state sponsorship to take up a federal occupation at a particular area or part of Australia.

2. Skilled visa: When a person has a certain set of skillsets and he /she wants to migrate to Australia on the basis of those skills then in such cases skill select helps to fulfill this dream or wish of migrating abroad on the basis of that skill. Basically a person must make a place in the merit list and for that you need to get a minimum of 60 points which is the cut off to be eligible. It is important to submit an EOI (Expression on Interest) with all the mandatory information regarding your education, ability and experience. If you choose to then skill select send an invitation top you to join a job or occupation. The two most famous Skilled Worker Visas which can also lead to a Permanent Residency in the country are 189 visa and 190 visa

3. Student Visa: Australia is one of the most visited paces for the purpose of education and the main reason that Australian Universities and institutes provide really world class education and the foreign students get the best facilities there so students dream of studying inn Australia. A lot of investments are made by the Australian Government On international Scholarships. Approximately around 200 million dollars are spent annually by the Australian Government. The Australian universities feature in the top 50 ranked universities in the world especially in the areas of Arts and Humanities, Clinical , Pre-Clinical and health, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Life sciences, and Social Sciences. Due to the above mentioned reasons Australia is the 3rd most famous international destination. But a confirmed offer from some Australian University is mandatory if an Indian Student wants to work in Australia.

4.Family Visa: In case if family members want to visit a person who is already in Australia availing any of the above mentioned visas then the family members can visit by availing the Family Visa. There are a lot of variety of visas Like Spouse visa and Contributory Parent visa under which provisions are made for spouse, dependent children etc.

5. Permanent Residency: Any Person who acquired this visas becomes equivalent to an Australian Citizen and is entitles to avail all the benefits on residence, education Medicare, infrastructir5e etc. This is the most powerful visa which is granted by the Australian government. But the main catch is that if you want this visa then it is mandatory to live and work in the country for al least 4 years.

All visa processing related information can be got by AVAC (Australian Visa Processing Centers in India)

What are Australian Visa Processing Centers in India?

These are basically centers which support and guide in all visa processing procedures and services. These services also include visa application charges, documents and returning passports to the applicants of the visas. These Centers operate under the guidance of the client service principles of DIAC. All the applications are assessed by the visa section of the concerned Australian Diplomatic Mission in New Delhi; however everything is done in accordance with the Australian immigration legislation and policy.

Let’s understand the Visa Application Process:

There are certain steps in the application process;

Firstly it is important to decide and understand under which sub class you want to lodge your visa application.

Once you decide the visa subclass then it is important to understand and make yourself familiar with all the information reading that subclass.

Next step is to fill the Visa application form on the basis of the visa sub class that you have chosen.

It is important to read the Security regulations before you visit the AVAC in India.

These are the basic steps to be followed. For more information please visit

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