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“Where words fail, music speaks.” -Hans Christian Andersen

The world of marketing has always been a gray area for me. Like most artists, I’ve always preferred to focus on honing my craft instead of selling it.

And like most artists, I’ve enjoyed little to no exposure for my work.

Therefore, I decided to do something about my lack of exposure and got a degree in digital marketing. After learning so much, I wanted to share the knowledge I gained with other musicians.

This series is geared toward indie musicians, but I’ve made an effort to keep the principles as generic as possible.

Establish Your Why And Your What

Simon Sinek has a video on YouTube describing how great leaders inspire action. It’s been out for many years now, but one key phrase still holds…

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Marketing music is hard. Assuming what you’re selling is good quality, your options for raising awareness are limited. Buying music is a thing of the past, and without performing sold out shows or building a massively successful youtube channel, it’s difficult to get people to care.

Having said that, we can learn a great deal about public engagement and enticing potential audiences to invest in our music by studying major museums and how they market themselves. …

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There’s a great post by Splice on Facebook about a producer who gets berated by fellow artists for using loops. It goes something like this:

“I thought that using loops was cheating, so I programmed my own using samples. I then thought that using samples was cheating, so I recorded real drums. I then thought that programming them was cheating, so I learned to play the drums for real. …


Antar Sturm Dahal

Illustrator | Stutterer | Composer | New Music:

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