Reporting a bug to Netflix

Dear Netflix,

Lets just say it upfront that I love you. You have defined our generation and changed the way we enjoy and consume content. You basically brought “binge watching” into our lexicon. So all in all, love you.

Just wanted to reach out to report a smallish and an extremely first world bug I have been facing.

I use the latest generation of Apple TV and I mostly watch with Subtitles on (English SDH).

Whenever I go back to Netflix after backing out of it, the Audio option changes from “English” to “English — Audio Description AD”. I’m pretty sure this must not be intentional, the audio choice should stay on the same option as it was the last time I quit.

Luckily in the latest generation Apple TV you can just swipe down to get all the options and change it back to the regular English so its easy, but still a bug :)

So just reporting it in the hopes you can fix it.

And oh yes, Black Mirror. Damn!

Thank you!

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