How I Bypassed Facebook Profile Picture Guard Security.

As I guess everyone knows about Facebook’s recently introduced profile picture guard which provides security for your profile picture . So that it pictures cannot be misused.

Lets look at its Facebook policy:

As you notice from above pic it :

  1. Cant be shared
  2. send in message or
  3. download

But I was able to bypass this and also perform all the three actions .

Lets see how it works:

For example let us consider profile pic which has privacy guard enabled and he is not in my friend list :

As you will observe in above pic the profile pic guard is enabled and you can notice that many options are missing but still when we got a option menu and using that we will bypass.

As we click on the options we will notice three other options :

  1. Embed
  2. Report and final
  3. full screen mode

Here I got doubt why is the embed option available when the profile picture guard is enabled ??

So when we click on it a embed pop appears click on advance settings or preview ->

Now it will take us to new page i.e we click on advance settings) so that we can change the embed settings but here sw see the icon to share the image (see the images below):

Now click on the share icon and kaboom!! A new pop appears to share in what ever manner you want or use directly preview mode.

But as the image was public Facebook told it wont consider for bounty .

Thanks for reading ,

I hope you like it .