An Orphan

I am an Indian, and I am an Orphan.

I have a family. I am gifted with a mother, a father, and a sister, but still I am an orphan.

I have friends, who, are indistinguishable from my family; but still I am an Orphan.

I live a healthy life, I go to college, I hang-out with my friends, I have enough luxuries to lead the so called happy life, and still I quote myself as an Orphan.

Independence — The freedom to act, the freedom for speech and the freedom to live your own lives was won by my Nation from the mighty, ruthless rulers 7 decades back. But still my country is entangled in the shackles of rules and system that were once made to rule this nations’ fellow citizens. This makes me an Orphan.

My nation says that I have the freedom of thoughts and expressions and yet it is denied to the growing generations like us, this makes me an Orphan.

My words are taken as granted because I lack the corrupted monetary status which had stratified (and will continue to stratify) the whole nation. This makes me an Orphan.

Everyone around us is living a life which, according to them, is overwhelmingly happy, rich and perfect. But it makes me sad, that all of them, even I, am in a dream; a dream which can be torn apart in the very next moment; a dream, from which you can be dragged back to the ground reality in the very next moment.

I am an afraid kid, who is afraid of that dark word called family; where your mother and your father, uses you in this every day barter society to raise their so called social status bar. I am an afraid kid, because my grandmother, who was not a part of this so called modern world, is not any more to listen to my words, who is not around to whisper into my ears that everything’s going to be fine. And this fills more worries in me as she was the only person who taught me what love and affection is. Once she taught all these values to her son, but the selfish society has turned him into a living zombie like others. And I am afraid that slowly this dark world will consume me wholly just like it did to my dad.

Like a great personality once quoted, ‘Temple is a funny organization; the rich begs inside and the poor begs outside’. Similarly, this whole world is a systematically built temple. The influential, begs to the non-influential to build their reign; and the non-influential (like me) begs for money in return. This selfish stratification of the world makes me an Orphan, this enforced way of leading a life makes me an Orphan.

From the very next dawn, when the period of realization started to tick in my life, I walked the streets with a different perspective, I observed everyone from a different angle, I approached them from a different frame of mind…

And still that one question goes unanswered… Am I really an Orphan? Well… Theoretically, No.. But…

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