I’ve given up dating Indian women, now starting headhunting company.

You may think dating is hard.

You may find the potential matches that have been sent to you, way too good for you.

Having moved back up north closer to the bay area, I started dating women of the bay area. Not just any women but the Desi Women of the bay area.

What I’ve come to find now on my daily matches, 12 pm bagels and 4 pm hot chai matches is that I am in the wrong game.

First, I was impressed beyond belief. I started noticing where many of these women were employed at.






All the top bay area companies. All of the most prestigious jobs.

These are the most highly educated and high-achieving women in America.

They just happened to be Indian.

Anyway, first I was in awe. Then, I figured that the American dream was getting with one of these women.

Like Mom used to say, if you can’t be a computer engineer, marry a computer engineer.

Or was it doctor.

Anyway, I started reaching out.

Not working in tech and not having a high-achieving career, I noticed that my responses were mostly crickets. For every 26 women I reached out to, I would hear back from 0.

These women were making social media pop. I was working on social justice.

These women were increasing the bottom line for American’s wealthiest corporations.

I regularly protest America’s wealthiest corporations.

I was losing interest and losing self-worth in the myriads of rejections on a daily basis until the million dollar idea struck.

Why try to date a Facebook engineer or Google product manager?

I have access to the top talent in America.

I started adding a title to my name.

It now says Vishnu, technical recruiter.

My responses have multiplied by 10 times. I am now actively headhunting and job searching for some of the most talented women in America.

For every 26 matches I cast, I get 10 + responses back.

I love this new career!

I’ve turned my dating app into a money-maker.

Life is better than ever. Dating life not so much but my new startup is going gangbusters.

I am now hiring too — junior level technical recruiters (must have dating profile on Shaadi dot com or Bharat Matrimony dot com.)

Yes, recruiting Indian men and women looking for love but in the meantime, finding jobs for Desi software engineers.

Please send in your resume and I will get back to you when I have a minute.

Business is booming. I’m busy.

Technical Recruiter