You Have It More Together Than Other People Do

You might not feel like you have it together.

You might feel like your life is an utter failure.

You might be earning half of what the people you grew up with are earning.

You might be living in a cooped up small bedroom without much stuff when you should be owning your own home.

You might be single without any kids when you should be proud parents of a couple of tiny tots.

You might be still trying to find yourself while others seem focused, happy and purposeful. Or simply employed and with a place of their own.

You may feel tiny in a world that is big.

Alone in a world that’s connected.

Defeated in a world that values winning.

Mediocre in a world that runs after success like bull runners of Pamplona.

The thing is that appearances can be deceiving.

Five years ago, I looked like I had it all together. Education, law degree, business-suits, a law office, fancy dinners, marriage, a house and more success every day.

To the outside world, it seemed like I was a blazing meteor on the rise.

Until it all came crashing down like a heavy thud. I went from rising meteor to falling space debree.

The marriage ended. The house lost. The career vanished. The business closed.

Within a year, I lost everything that meant something in my life. I went from having it all to having nothing.

From having it all together to having nothing together.

That’s when I started realizing that having it all together may really be hiding the pain, bottling up the problems and masking your dreams.

When life appears to be going well, you kind of have to go along with the ride.

You can’t ask too many questions.

You can’t challenge or flip your default life upside down.

Too many people invested in you. Too many expectations. Too high of a bar to fall down from. Too fast to go slow.

When you’ve made it, you’ve got to keep making it even when you can’t make it anymore.

Too many payments to make. Too many loans to pay back. Too many commitments to follow through on.

You can’t question your success. You can’t change. You can’t make a U-turn. You can’t follow your dreams. You can’t go after your heart’s longings or your soul’s desires.

You’re trapped by your own success.

So, in this Instagram, Facebook, comparision-filled, follow-the-crowd world, only one way to success world, count yourself lucky.

You’re the rebel.

Your not-togtherness is your gift.

Not knowing where you are is the ideal place to find yourself.

Not being somewhere means you’re free to start wherever you are.

Without success, you’re free to cultivate success. Not that cookie-cutter kind of success that everyone else has but true, authentic success that feels good to you.

You get to create life on your own terms; live life according to your own truth.

You get to challenge the status quo and stay true to yourself.

You may not have 2 cars in your 2 car garage. Or 2.3 kids in your 2.3 bedrooms but you do have yourself and your truth.

Today, that’s all you need.

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