Native video is taking over by a storm

Hey guys,

It’s been awhile since my last rant, I know.

Went overseas for some R&R, had a blast — helped me generate ideas for new hustling naturally.

This time I will talk about native video on different platforms.

To those of you who aren’t really up with the news, video is the new photo sharing and copy paste. With current and future generations becoming “Instant Generations” and possessing a 8 second attention span, video is probably the best way to get their attention as it is something you can watch in the background while doing other things.

It is also a great branding and marketing tool, with known marketers such as Gary Vaynerchuk dominating the scene.

Ever since Microsoft acquired Linkedin back in 2016 , people have been asking about new features that Linkedin may deliver that would actually compete with Facebook.

It started with the way the feed has been remodeled, with better stats showing and knowing how many people have actually looked in your feed.

Linkedin also dropped the threshold thing that had people blocked quite quickly and the “only connect if you know this person” scheme (which was quite bullshit, considering the fact that LIONs most certainly never knew 20,000 people personally).

But Linkedin’s new native video feature that has been in beta and slowly rolled out to people is the new cream of the crop, by providing a professional platform with the gift of video without needing to upload it from other channels, which makes crossposting (via Twitter that has been quite the feature for the past three years or so) as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Couple that with the fact that Linkedin posts that are ticked as “public” are now crawled by major search engines, and you have amazing native video that can go viral within seconds.

The best feature is that most connections you have are professional ones, ergo if your content is good — you can see amazing engagements.

I tried it out the other day and received 57% engagement in the form of both likes as well as comments which is astounding — I either get a couple of likes or a like and comments but never so quickly and never without adding hashtags (something I will try with my next video).

How about homemade press releases? A professional webinar directly on Linkedin? Limited time offers for relevant clients? The options are endless!

Small business owner? Set yourself apart from everyone else by offering a great video on Linkedin and reaching relevant clients who would definitely hit you up?

Get going with a new business oriented web series via Linkedin, using 5 minute long videos or even shorter ones to get people on board quicker.

Most important rule though — use responsibly as Linkedin isn’t Facebook, Instagram or any other platform where you can goof around.

Linkedin should stay professional, so make sure your message isn’t ambiguous and contains less tongue-in-cheek humor than your other videos.

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Originally published at on August 29, 2017.