Would Democrats Be Better Off Without Pelosi?
David Eil

In order to fresh blood need to be injected. Old guards, old ideas must go. They never gonna let new ideas to rise to top. Just like, last elections, party hierchy gonna ruin for everyone. Both party are forgeting constitution says nothing about two party system or primaries. In a way, both parties have hijacked election and turned into party politics. It’s not about liberalism/conservatism. Now it’s about liberals/conservatives, make us hate each other and lock in our votes. While gerrymandering ensures the same people get re-elected, over and over again. Plus, corrupt supreme court is anything but non-political(Citizens United rulling). People, in the middle, are continuously being squeezed out. Both parties are corrupt to the core, so let’s start with people at top. Old guards and party dogs must go for America; otherwise, inevitable ruines wait for commoners.

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