Of growing up and breaking free…

When I left home, Bangalore, eight years ago, the view from my window consisted of an imposing building painted in an unfortunate shade of pink, and two slender Gulmohar saplings, their weak branches swinging recklessly to even the slightest breeze.

They stood there looking tortured by the summer heat and shriveled in winters.

It was an unremarkable view that I used, to look away from math sums that muddled my mind and chemistry formulae that confused me. The battles in my history books played out on the building’s walls and I gazed into the pigeon-hole balconies as I imagined corners of the world I still haven’t explored.

The view was a constant reminder of a boxed-in city life I may never escape.

Ever since, every time I visited home, I’ve revisited that view. But not once did I see — until today — that a remarkable transformation was taking place.

The slender saplings have grown into burly trunks from which sturdy branches full of lush green leaves reach out to the sky. The trees only slightly sway, and gracefully, to the strongest of winds.

And, that depressing pink building with its tiny windows and tiny balconies? Who would notice them now!

The two Gulmohars that grew up as I did learnt to break free from the box they were sown in.

I have not escaped my boxed-in city life, but looking out of my window and looking up for just a moment into that pretty, green-blue world helped me break free too, even if only fleetingly.