X broke up with me soon after I sat her down and explained that I was incapable of experiencing strong emotion. She didn’t believe me, at first.

“It’s true,” I told her, stroking her hand dispassionately. “I had an experimental operation when I was 11, and since then I feel nothing.”

Her face was expressionless.

“It’s my cross to bare,” I said, striking my chest in the place where I imagined my heart to be.

I moved my hand away from her. She tried to hold my other hand but it was occupied with a drink, so she held the drink with me, caressing the glass affectionately.

“Weren’t there any human hearts they could have put in you?” She asked, her voice low and tender.

“It’s a miracle I survived.” “You poor thing,” she said, stroking my drink.

“I know,” I agreed. “I’m as troubled as a man.”

After learning of my condition she started to see me in a new light. Essentially, she stopped seeing me as a human. In her eyes my behavior and physical mannerisms became those of an ape. The way I stooped or reached for things, the way I howled in the shower. Soon all she could see was a strange humanoid with no heart. But still, she stuck with me.

Actually, it wasn’t until she found out I was lying that she became truly upset. Apparently she met some girl at the school who’d spent an entire summer believing I’d gotten raccoon blood in a transfusion and that was why I stayed up all night surfing.

Needless to say, when she found out that I didn’t have heart and that I’d only made the whole thing up in order to avoid any serious emotional attachments she became irrational, throwing around words like “sociopath” that was not completely true.

When I came home from school and found My clothes and toothbrush not on the floor where they belonged I was skeptical, after all it wasn’t the first time she’d thrown away a toothbrush as a statement about something or other. But when I noticed that her bag was missing I knew it was true. She was gone for good.

I grew pensive, until I remembered that X leaving me had been my plan since the beginning. So I went somewhere to drink.