A 5 Minute Weekly Sales Update Template

At a high-growth startup, sales operations and processes can often take a back seat to closing deals and growing the business. Regardless of the resources you have available, it is vital to be able to “self-manage” and lay the groundwork for a strong sales process and culture.

With that being said, we put together an Update Template that can be used by the first sales hire or by a team of 100 BDRs.

Check Out the Template Here >>>

If you’d like us to drop the template into your Visible account feel free to shoot us a message to support@visible.vc and we would be happy to do so.

Keep in mind the metrics in the template are suggestions and can be tailored to your organization’s needs (check out these 3 other metrics to track) . With that being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when putting together a reporting template for your sales team:

  • Acknowledge the report, good or bad, to give your reps the motivation to send reports moving forward.
  • Build a cadence with your individual reps and keep updates succinct as well as comparable (make sure to share the same metrics in every report).
  • Just do it! Get feedback and iterate. Make sure to send over feedback to continue to tailor the format and content.
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