We raised seed funding to be the future of 3D CAD collaboration

We are thrilled to announce that we just closed an Angel Seed round of $225k from a great, veteran focused* group of Angels, Hivers & Strivers. With H&S coming on board we are adding significant depth and a massively influential group of leaders to our cap table; we could not be more thrilled to be working with them.

In the coming weeks we will be announcing further developments, including the public release of Visidraft to the app store and some fantastic collaborations we have lined up with large public and private institutions.

Most of all we are excited to finally be working full time to bring real world markerless tracking, SLAM and 6 degrees of freedom to mobile Augmented reality and 3D CAD. We fully expect that the technologies we will be rolling out over the next 6–12 months will transform the way Architectural design and Construction is done in the 21st century and will drive advances in the world of Augmented Reality forward.

See more at https://www.visidraft.com

*Visidraft’s Founder Andrew Kemendo is a 2008 graduate from the USAF Academy and Iraq war veteran.