How to Find That Motivation to Keep Going

So, recently this year, I started a business called ‘Vision Fitness’, when I first started the company I was very excited, but lately, these past couple of weeks, I’ve felt quite a heavy burden on me. I felt as if, the whole world was against me and it felt hard to continue and carry on. I started wondering if owning a business was for me, even my motivation in the gym started going down. I felt a drive disappear, as if my mind was telling me “You’ve done it, you don’t have to be great at it, you can just quit.” It seems as if everything in the past, whenever I got somewhere or to a good point, I ended up quitting. So, naturally I followed a few steps to help myself get back to the point that I was and I hope this helps you guys find your motivation to continue on.

“If you remember why you started, you’ll know why you must continue” — C. Burkemenn”

When you feel like giving up, remember WHY you started

Often times, more than not, we tend to just give up. It can be due to multiple reasons; maybe you’re at the point where you feel satisfied. Maybe you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau and there’s no more growth available, or maybe it’s just become so overwhelming that you just don’t want to carry on. When you begin feeling like this, it’s very important to step back and remember why you started. WHAT was the reason WHY you started? For me, I wanted to create a better environment and financial situation for my family. I wanted to create opportunities and leave a huge mark in the fitness world. I wanted to live freely, not bound by rules of financial obligations and management above me. I wanted to create a lifestyle where I can finally feel like I’m living. So remember the why, remember the people you’d be letting down if you gave up, don’t compromise with your apathy and voice of unreason.

When there’s no Motivation, find Inspiration

There are times when I’m trying to complete something and I just have no idea how to continue. I’ve hit a road block in the road. One of the biggest challenges for me, is just continuing after I’ve lost my motivation. When this happens, I tend to take a couple steps back, re-evaluate and execute. What I mean by this, is taking a couple steps back doesn’t necessarily mean you’re moving backward in progress. It simply just means that you’re just taking a look at it from another point of view. Evaluate the situation, where are you going wrong, or what are you doing right, but you can do it in another way? For me, during the evaluation period, I tend to go on walks, take breathers, hit the gym, watch videos, listen to speeches. Motivation to me is like stamina, after chiseling after what you’re going after for so long, you sometimes just need a little rest to let that stamina rebuild.

Look back at that Dream Board you created

Dream Boards are magical things. If you haven’t created one, I highly recommend you create one and put it somewhere you go to everyday. So, what a dream board is, is a board full of dreams (obviously right?) It’s a board you put images of things you want to happen. A cruise to the Caribbeans, a dream car you’ve always wanted, or maybe a house you’re planning on buying. It can be anything you want, materialistic, or idealistic. Putting a bunch of things on the dream board is a great way to keep motivated.

These are just as couple of things I’ve encountered and a few of the things I’ve done to make it better. Like I said, the month of July was a very rough month for me, motivation-wise. So, these are the things I’ve done to counter that feeling of apathy and lack of drive. After I did those things, I stopped feeling sorry and now I’m more pumped than ever to get it going. I hope these things help you guys, as it sure helped me. ‘Till next time my friends and thank you for taking the time to tune in!