Consistency, a key to understand the Blumenstein Theory

If there is a word that would describe Michael Blumenstein, his theory, his method, his ethical framework, and his living, that word would be consistency.

He loved the word. He always told that his theory was “consistent”. He encouraged every person who studied with him, to be skeptical about his words and search by themselves to prove that words work as it told. He also asked them to tell him if they found some inconsistency, because his theory has to been revised. That was because his theory was consistent with life.

When we came to explore its approach, we find distinctions and limits between a biological system and a social system. And at the same time consistent forms between both of them, ultimately, they are living systems as well.

Theory, method and ethical framework

We find clear distinctions between theory, method, and ethical framework. He does not mix one field with the other, he distinguishes and at the same time offers integration possibilities in a way that makes sense to each person, according to his own internal construction and the purpose he wants to achieve.


He was a forthright person. I still remember the night he told me that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life by my side. He did not hesitate. Then he needed to figure out how to do it, but it did not take long. In 30 days he was in Mexico!

I remember the day he told to a transnational’s CEO “poor little pig” referring to a german phrase and describing how he could feel about the situation he shared. I wanted to hide from embarrassmet, but this CEO burst into peals of laughter and said, “nothing could have described it more rightly”.

He saw forthrightness as the basis of consistency, and he was not afraid of been forthright.

He lived what he taught

Michael lived everyday what he preached. I was deeply “stubborn” about his theory in terms of my own experience with constellations and their masters, so I challenged his model as I had never fought anything and what convinced me, it was not his speech, but his daily behavior.

I remember that in the hardest moments, his consistency brought me clarity, brought us clarity. In moments of joy, enjoyment. In moments of doubt, possibilities. And at the very end, whatever the state was: enoughness.

Finally, although he considered that the ethical framework is the agreement of how we want to build among human beings. His contribution framework was consistent. I never saw him think — let alone to do — something that could harm someone else.

From this ethic, even when people did not respect his commitments, or when they behaved inconsistently with the agreements, he was consistent and held up his sufficiency and forthrightness.

Recently someone asked me if he was perfect. No, he was not, he was a human being, a consistent human being. And I realize that at being so and that is part of what I love, he is not a role model, is not placed over anyone, he only makes a contribution to the world so that everyone from their own life force, can contribute to the world from thier own construction place. That is, in a consistent way.

What is consistency? According to its etymological roots it refers to what is based or grounded on something, and it seems to me that Michael was a man grounded in systems theories, proven methods and a unique ethics.

His legacy

A man of love who left a legacy of peace to the world and that we will be able to honor as Visión Sistémica with consistency.

In the moment when we conceive this “our son”, he with his theory, his method, his seed, his life force and I, as he said, offering the space (the womb) to grow and be born with love, we chose to call it ViSi in honor of our company and in a lovely decision from him to honor that I founded Visión Sistémica in a first stage.

Today, in honor of him, his legacy and this new stage that we started without his physical presence and with his guide through what he left us, we decided to take the proposal that came from the heart of Katia Ibañez, cofounder with me of that first stage, and change the name to “Blumenstein Theory®”.

In this way, those who are today the Visión Sistémica’s team (Katia, Isaías, Angie, Steph, Mandy, Rolo, Icela, Ute, Elmar) want to be consistent and do the best we can with what we have today in the reality of his departure.

Rest in peace our friend, our partner, our master and live in each one of us through his legacy for a good life.

Rest in peace my beloved husband, my deepest and greatest love, that lived and will live consistently in my heart and in my work at service of a full life.

By Katia.