Homeless baby

By Evangelina Zamora

Versión en español aquí

Few things so difficult, how to achieve harmony in parents when they stop being a couple? How to face the break of those you love? How to offer something that there is not?

The arrival of my second grandchild was complicated, at the moment he would get home, there was simply no home.

Two weeks before and with broken hearts, Katia del Rivero and Michael Blumenstein accompanied us in a Dialogue Process, the grandchildren’s parents, my daugther in law’s mother and I, we ventured, it was an extraordinary experience.

Suddenly we were there, with a sea of ​​doubts, with the sensation of not knowing what to do or how, in the hope that it could be different, with this duality of emotions about the arrival of a baby and the difficulties that were between his parents.

The instructions were clear and precise, speak from the heart, in first person, listen, wait the turn.

There were several rounds, each of us had the wonderful opportunity to feel really heard, no one take your turn, sometimes our eyes betrayed us and some tears appeared, the interventions of MB, tried to stimulate communication, especially in one of the participants, when the dialogue was progressing, there was less and less to say, but we had a participant whose interventions were brief, at least not in the way that was needed, emotions came and went, almost nothing moved, MB was extremely careful and patient.

In a moment he managed to unlock the dialogue, if I may say so, and we could recognize where we were and what had to be done. It was sad to know that there would no longer be a couple, that they would be only parents, of a little one that was still in the shelter of the maternal womb. It is extremely painful to know, but it is easier to face it.

So after that experience, we were able to build a home for my second grandchild. Today, in his two years every day thanks with his smile, for his family, different, not for that less important thing.

The intervention of our facilitators was extraordinary, I have to thank for the peace and also the strength that they manifested and that made possible the resolution of the conflict. Katia: infinitely thank you, Michael: thank you for your gifts, forever in my heart.