I Am Enough!

By Cecilia Hernández

Versión en Español

For me, thinking about Michael Blumenstein is remembering his voice saying: “you are enough and have a good life” and this is what I try to keep in my mind everyday.

Back then I had trouble understanding the “enoughness” concept. It seemed to me like a concept I couldn’t comprehend and couldn’t add up, because it was left only in concept, abstract, and maybe in an ideal to which I had no clue about how to get to it. However, there was a light of hope looking at Michael’s interventions and what I realized in his perspective and behaviours, what I call from my perspective: serenity.

In one of the trainings I took with Michael Blumenstein and Katia Del Rivero, we made an exercise in order to find our enoughness. I placed my safe in different places until I felt something peculiar in my body: the “magic” happened when from my enoughness I was able to look at others in their enoughness.

In those days I received a client’s call to meet because he was retiring and we had pending subjects to solve before finishing the relationship. My experience with this client was conflictive, and I was living this relationship from a place, that I felt, was unbalanced.

I felt nervous about this meeting, so what I tried first was repeating the exercise of enoughness I had learned. I arrived to my meeting, my body feeling different, my breathing was deep and my eyes gave away calmness. There I was, enough, saying hello to my client and his enoughness.

And what I thought was going to be a meeting full of complaints, and probably tantrums, instead turned into a meeting of two adults, thanking and recognising each other’s contributions.

That is how now, from Michael’s legacy and with a deep thankfulness, with my calm eyes I say: I’m enough!

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