Constellations’ Myths: The Spirit / Destiny

(Last of five parts)

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This is the last article in this series and perhaps the most controversial.

Let’s start clearly. Michael Blumenstein said clarity is the basis of good construction.

Which is clarity? You and I do not understand everything that happens in life. You and I can not explain everything that happens in life. You and I have no control over what happens in life. You and I have many experiences, situations we do not know how, why, or what’s their reason to occur.

You and I do not understand everything that happens in life. I will set the simplest example: death. Obviously, we seem to know why people die, their system collapses for some reason and stops working. Until today, and I have read a lot about it in last months, no one understands how it is that a heart collapses in a second from nowhere. Because risk factors can be within many people, and some of them die from that and others do not. And even if I go further, surely if you have lost someone close in thirty seconds you can not understand how it happened. If it was an accident, a sudden death, you may live the rest of your life without understanding it, beyond constructing ideas to explain it as “It was his time”, “God took his soul” or whatever you build.

You and I can not explain everything that happens in life. I’m reading a book that I’ve loved about the brain. It’s called “The Idiot Brain”. And I liked it a lot because of the sarcastic tone (this is my construction of reality) the author has to express his ideas. Among the interesting things it raises is that with everything we know today, the rockets we send to the moon, and the probes we send through space, we do not have a unified explanation for the dream process. Paradoxical? Challenging?

You and I have no control over what happens in life. This is perhaps one of the greatest myths we have. We think we can plan and make sure things happen. But like that phrase Michael learned in Mexico, you have surely experienced it: “If you want to make life laugh, tell it your plans.”

And I could go on with examples and examples. What do we do with this? Well, it depends of the construction of reality involved.

If you are a scientist you will say science has not yet been able to verify, decipher, sustain the subject, but surely we will understand it someday.

If you are a believer then you will attribute all this to God and His will and the unfathomable ways of His will.

If you are a Buddhist you may find meaning in reincarnation and Karma.

Well, it seems that if you are Bert Hellinger or if you want to make his construction to all that he can not explain as yours, you will calls it Mind-Spirit and as in all other cases grants it a series of characteristics, forms and methods.

Now that if you are Jan Jacob, and as in last case you choose to take as yours his constructions of reality; surely you will call this Destiny.

And then we enter into mystical, spiritual, belief, and faith fields. And the truth, we do not feel like contributing to other sects, to more religions and / or new spiritual concepts. There are already many and we fight for it.

And what does VISI call this?

So in Systemic Vision to all that we do not yet know how to explain we call life. Because it seems to be that life is inexplicable, full of mysteries, it opens the way to life itself with new and surprising answers by changing its patterns, creating new ways and generating new movements.

In this dimension, from a systemic perspective; which is not a mystical, esoteric or religious perspective; which is a thinking approach, a way of understanding the complexity of the world, we do not want to put a different name on it.

Nor do we want to attribute it characteristics or conditions that we do not know if it have them. We do not know if it has a mind or spirit, or if it has generated a destiny for each one, we only know that it is called life, it takes care of itself and it opens itself to itself.

And from there we accompany: according to life.

So in this idea of mind-spirit plans or destinies forged over generations, the truth is that we are left with the life and the strength of life to make way for life itself.

You, with your history, you are a living sample of it.