So what is communication?

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In Blumenstein Theory® co-creation is communication and communication is co-creation. The interesting thing is to know what communication means from this perspective.

Communication is the process of collectively building individual realities and agreed behaviors.

How do we do this?

Let’s start from the premise that our brain is not in direct contact with the outside world, it is only through the body, with all that it implies (that is, throughout our skin, eyes, ears, smell and taste).

So we do not see, hear, smell, sense or taste what there is, but what we build from our previous experiences.

As an example let’s think about a conversation between three human beings. The first of them wants to generate a good relationship with the other two, so when this one gets to the place where the others are, gives them kisses on the cheek.

The second human being receives the kiss and at that moment respond with a slap. What just happened?

The third human being receives the kiss and respond with another one in the mouth. What just happened?

Our first individual is completely disoriented to the reactions of the other human beings and decides to leave the room given that from what he observes he has changed his mind and decides he does not want anything with these two “crazy ones”.

Now let me ask you a question:

Whose responsibility is it things have not worked towards a good relationship?

From the Blumenstein Theory® none or all are. It is a process of co-creation in which all participate and build collectively from their individual constructions.

The first offers a behavior, which according to what he builds in his head, is the best contribution to generate a good relationship.

The second one chooses to take the contribution and means it with its internal frame of reference and considers it to be a lack of respect.

The third individual observes and thinks that the second is crazy. And when the first one kisses him too, he chooses to take the contribution and means it with his inner frame considering that it is an invitation to something more personal, like a kiss in the mouth.

When the element two observes this thinks that one and three are inappropriate. And when you look at everything that happened, you decide that two and three are crazy.

That is, each of the participating members contribute and together co-create something from their individual constructions.

Contributions are our behaviors and are also our meanings to these behaviors.

This is cocreation

How then in this chaos we build something satisfactory for all? Michael Blumesntein said “based on trial and error”.

We are sharing contributions and adjusting meanings based on shared experience.

Some challenges are important in the process, most of which we have already seen in other articles we have written are:

1. We need to clarify a purpose or build it together.

2. Learn to speak from the heart, that is, from my individual construction of reality.

3. Focus our energy on the future and not on what has not worked in the past.

4. Be willing to try. It is never too late to try again and this time it will work.

Katia Ibáñez