Doing it Better — How Innovation is Born

The definition of #Innovation: Innovation is a new idea, or more-effective device or process. Innovation can be viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.

Innovation is born in the basements and garages of the world as well as in the laboratories and in the schools of higher learnnig of the world. My view on innovation has always been “making something existing better and filling a void in the market via that new and better something revolving around a user experience”.

In #videoconferencing innovation has been focused on using other types of lower cost hardware to power multiple party virtual meeting rooms. Ok this means seeing something like Hollywood Squares on video.

Other “across the board” innovation has been around making the video software work via different browser types and operating systems. And other innovation around “small tools” as I call them that allow you monitor the number of meetings held and administration tools. For the average person… is this not already done?

One of the biggest and most often forgotten areas needing some sort of innovation is the user interface AKA: user experience. Depending on who you speak to (vendor), one hears how easy their product is to use when in reality it is window dressing, requiring both and all parties in the meeting to sign up and go through a lengthy onboarding process. Usually it only works with “their” software.

They “gently” but forcefully push you to use their service, client, software etc… example being #Skype. No one has done more for video conferencing than Skype. They have brought it to the living rooms of the world whereas the traditional vendors of video have dropped the ball. However Skype “gently” but brutally pushes you to their service, otherwise “move on…”. This leaves a void.

Why can`t anyone just use whatever their service is to connect to another service or device e.g. PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone? Innovation and video go somewhat hand in hand but are also not even in the same ballpark. It reminds me of different phone networks and phone types not working with each other unless you paid a premium price.

Innovation for me is not just about technology… it is about products, it is about lifestyles and it is about people. From downtowns re-inventing themselves to be hubs of “innovation” and re-populating themselves to airlines adding more user friendly features to their already existing product. Innovation is a never ending (thankfully) process.

There are 3 major types of Innovation:

  • BIG Bang Innovation: Disruptive and a rule a breaker. Once rules are broken they are often re-arranged.
  • Incremental Innovation: Identify the challenge and make baby steps to change and improve.
  • Analogous Market Innovation: Insights and applies them to user needs in other markets. Moving eco-systems around and merging them.

Innovation is born by those not restricted to making things different and better. From California wine country where they were not restricted in making now great wine by rules and regulation as well as old habits — they added flavours that appealed to a new demographic´s pallet, to the global phenomenon of #Cowork spaces taking over once filled with cubicle landscapes where innovation rarely happened and business development was confined to the restrictions of an already planned strategy.

What next? I can speak for my company Visiple… we use some existing technology, have innovated and developed our own and will continue to listen to our customers as we innovate. We believe in using whatever device and service you want to connect into a great “visual” experience for the price of a cup of coffee or less per day. We don´t gently push… we believe it is your choice and if you need help — we are here to help and will provide you with great tools that will help any co worker, small business professional, start up or Fortune 500 meet their goals and exceed them.

We want to meet your lifestyle, your workstyle where you are comfortable and we will do it better!

Evan J. Andriopoulos is CEO of Visiple a provider of innovative video conferencing services. He can be followed on Social Media via Twitter, Mediumand The BlogSpace. Try our service for free!

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