“Innovation is doing new things and creativity is thinking of new things”.

Looking back at a #Pulse article I “penned” back in the summer of 2015 some things have changed.

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#Innovation via remote work are often shunned due to ages old work place “be present” policies. Although technology e.g. #videoconferencing has been gaining adoption at a healthy clip over the past few years many companies have yet to understand how innovation is possible without working in onsite teams.

Companies that do offer remote work as a perk, usually do it in order to quell higher salary or increased benefits requests. The majority of companies practice “be present” policies due to mistrust and for me is an even greater issue that needs to be resolved e.g. in their hiring practices… Do you want someone you cannot trust? If so… then you hired the wrong person.

#Remote or distributed teams are often more innovative, and more creativethan those in the “be present” locked down space. Why? Being present does allow for face 2 face, belly to belly brainstorms however it also normally restricts one´s ability to think openly and free of constraint. Every meeting regardless of size or agenda has a meeting manager or someone that takes control. This person directly or indirectly begins to fashion the agenda of the meeting and guides it in the direction they see best fit and this does not allow innovation.

Now you ask what are the advantages of remote work for #Innovation?

  • Free to think openly without restraint to resolve problems and issues.
  • Fewer Biases that often guide a “be present” meeting — allowing “best idea” instead of a reaction to a comment of that idea or person.
  • Afford introverted /shy employees to think openly, give input and reflect.
  • No belly to belly requirement needed to start “innovative” thinking = less time wasted = greater productivity and innovation. Save time traveling to the office.
  • Work pro-actively and not re-actively and co-actively.
  • Remote Working Spaces are often more comfortable — allowing greater creativity.
  • New #cowork spaces allow for human interaction in innovation when needed — “just in time” and is not “planned and managed”.

Larger projects can be easily managed and afford a super collaboration work dynamic by breaking into smaller teams that work remotely. Less belly to belly = time savings, pro-action, financial savings and stress reductions = increased productivity.

For years the technology industry has worked remotely with engineering and software development teams across globe. Under the “be present “model, one would have to either pack everyone up and move them across the world = $$$$

#BusinessNewsDaily posted an article a year ago regarding hiring of “better employees”. A great read…

The greatest benefits I have seen have to include being able to work without traffic/logistics stress, working from a clean slate earlier in the day, not being restricted by biases and having those quieter introverts have the opportunity to impact! It has been mentioned:

“Innovation is doing new things and creativity is thinking of new things”.

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