Why Your Video Conferencing Service SUCKS!

I have been in the technology industry and a remote worker for more years than I would like to admit. From my first “tech job” as a sales rep, later sales manager for an early stage internet service company to my next career at a software company leading the European and later Global Sales and OEM teams to my career in video conferencing. From hardware based systems to hardware with mobile device support then to purely software based video conferencing services at Visiple I can honestly tell you why your video conferencing service sucks.

One of the biggest challenges and I have is lack of interoperability between hardware and software types. The hardware guys eventually got it allowing your LifeSize system to communicate “relatively” smoothly with your Polycom system. Then add some mobile device support and it screws it up again. All at a very hefty price tag!

Then there is the lack of interoperability between software types. Recently a fellow hockey coach for our local boys youth team and a “techie” himself told me…

“You know we had a meeting… one guy was used to using GoToMeeting, another Skype for Business and some others WebEx… Well we could not communicate so we cancelled the meeting, re-connected via telephone meeting and had our meeting… it would be great if you simply used whatever to connect to whatever…as the way it is today it just SUCKS!”…

TBH he has some real valid feedback here…

Quality — Video Conferencing whether from Skype, WebEx or whatever is so reliant on your kids or anyone else for that matter NOT being online at the same time it drives me mad. How many Skype calls to grandma have you had when the picture gets grainy, the sound choppy…? too many to count.

Frustrated one evening I made my “maiden voyage call” to support. 20 mins later some “customer care cartoon” shows up and tells me to check MY network… Ok 100Mbit/s fiber connection to my house and they are telling me my network sucks… Ok not the answer I wanted to hear… Then “re-start” my computer… ok now we are nearing fantasy guess-land, this followed by…”umm we ran a test and it seems to work fine… must be… XYZ please call your internet provider” and followed by “thanks and is there anything else I can help you with?”- Ok the path the fantasy guess-land ended in failure.

Scalability and Is it Easy? — Another issue has been that time each month that you need several others to jump into easily to your meeting. “How do I add someone” is a common question when using one of the other tried methods of video conferencing. Often frustration mounts and they jump on via their phone. One could almost hear that participant sigh in relief and in annoyance (yeah video is great LOL)… Teleconferencing and some web conferencing services have long understood this kind of. Pling… someone new has entered, click and join. In reality most services are not easy to add participants and sometimes those pesky available license numbers get in the way.

To combat this many video conferencing providers offer up to X licenses for just X$ per — — then comes the small print. In this print you realise so you are really not paying just a few bucks a month but for the “potential” of your service.

So your video conferencing service likely sucks because of some of these “issues” above and likely more… Human interaction (face to face, belly to belly) is critical. The true in person meeting is the best but video can support relationship and business building as long as it works. We are working on it!

Give Visiple a test ride below for free and we would appreciate your feedback on the service. If you are not too sure how video can help you our blog has some great content that is not too techie — designed for you the true beneficiary of video to enjoy.


Evan J. Andriopoulos is the Founder and CEO of Visiple — Video Conferencing That is Fast and Easy to Use. Evan is a champion of workshift, remote work, coworking and all things that help improve your lifestyle. He can be followed on Twitter.