Uploads Open Beta: Help shape the future of Uploads on Twitch
Noreen McInnis

So to start off I think this is a great feature and a great idea, but I think some things need to happen to really get uploads to work. I think there needs to be more ways to get your videos out to your community. I think that being able to put the video directly into your channel feed is great. The sending out of emails to your followers I’m a little iffy on, I don’t want to be constantly spamming my followers with emails, so it’s a good thing that that is optional. Now some other ideas that I have, include an uploads tab on the left side of the twitch hud. By clicking the uploads tab it would show all the recent video uploads of streamers you follow. Include a section of recent uploads from channels you are following, in their following directory. I know that you can go to the top and click the videos tab and then click uploads. To be honest with you I don’t think that many users use that, honestly I doubt very few even know it is there. Give streamers the option for the video tab at the top of their stream to go directly to uploads instead of past broadcasts and highlights. Possibly even include a tab at the top of the streams that says “uploaded videos”. I feel this really needs to be a thing that viewers can easily find the uploads from their broadcasters that they follow. These are just some ideas, I’m sure others could add on to these and come up with their own to really get the uploads to work.

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