The best lighting tool you’ve probably never heard of…

Asensetek Lighting Passport_iPhone_iPad

Asensetek Lighting Passport: Best in class Light Meter

Billed as the “World’s First Smart Spectrometer”, the Asensetek Lighting Passport made its first appearance at ProFusion Expo earlier this month and seriously impressed everyone who saw it.

Geared towards anyone who considers themselves a lighting professional, this pocket-sized device pairs a professional spectrometer with most iOS or Android smart devices via Bluetooth, and can accurately measure up to 90 different parameters when using the 4 currently available apps and available PC software.

Spectrum Genius Mobile

Asensetek Lighting Passport - Spectrum_Genius_Mobile
  • Combines with the Lighting Passport Standard or Flagship model
  • Provides more than 36 precise lighting parameters
  • Continuous Mode
  • DUV
  • SP Ratio

Spectrum Genius Agricultural

Asensetek Lighting Passport - Spectrum_Genius_Agricultural_Lighting
  • Evaluates, selects & monitors horticultural grow lights.
  • Provides up to 28 lighting parameters
  • 5 meters in 1
  • PPDF & YPFD Information
  • DLI Information

Spectrum Genius Studio

Asensetek Lighting Passport - Spectrum_Genius_Studio
  • Provides full and detailed information about the TLCI (Television Consistence Index of a specific light source or entire set-up.
  • TLMF (Television Lighting Matching Factor) Information
  • Colour Checker Chart
  • Spectrum Information
  • Illuminance

Spectrum Genius Transmittance

Asensetek Lighting Passport - Spectrum_Genius_Transmittance

Information for:

  • Original Spectrum
  • Reduction Spectrum
  • Average Transmittance
  • Assigned Transmittance
  • Assigned Rejection

Quick Specs:

  • At 68.5mm by 56mm, with a thickness of 17mm and weighing only 76.5g, the Lighting Passport offers a slim and compact light testing solution.
  • Measures up to 90 different parameters among the different available apps with up to 8nm Optical Resolution, 50~50,000lux Illuminance Range, 380~780nm Wavelength Range and 6ms~16s Integration Time.
  • Supports Android 4.4+ based devices, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPhone 6/6+, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini/Mini2, iPad 3 and iPad Air.
  • Allows precise rapid real-time remote light measurements with powerful and flexible Bluetooth Technology

Useful for:

  • R&D
  • Provides preliminary test results to ensure product quality during the development phase.
  • Manufacturer
  • Allows production process sampling and product consistency quality control before shipping.
  • Sales/Retailer
  • Attracts customers attention in exhibitions and stores with on-site product demos.
  • End-User
  • Helps designers pick the ideal light fitting and checking the consistency of lights.

Want to know more? Check out the video below…

Originally published at Pro Photo Blog.