Rudi Rincker: The street is where it’s at.

Ottawa-based Rudi Rincker, first experimented with B&W film photography in the late ’90s, shooting landscapes and industrial sites.

Woman Walking in Street

© Rudi Rincker

Recently, with his Leica in hand, he has discovered that the most interesting subject matter is all around him, sometimes right in front of him.

What interests Rudi, these days, is capturing life at street level, photographing people going about their business, doing what they do every day.

While travelling, Rudi is constantly on the lookout for these photo opportunities, what he calls, “interesting moments”. When he sees them, he captures them, usually in B&W, preferring minimal processing for maximum reality.

People in restaurant

© Rudi Rincker

All 11 images from Rudi Rincker’s “The Street Is Where It’s At” will be on public display in the Vistek Ottawa In-store Gallery until the end of June.

Originally published at Pro Photo Blog.